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1.   Far From the Land of the Shamrock and Heather – 2:17 
2.   The Arbutus Tree - 4:35
3.   The Mystery of Amergin - 1:38  
4.   The Silkie of Sule Skerrie - 7:09
5.   The Song of the Sea Maidens - 6:09
6.   Colcannon - 3:01
7.   A Maid Went to Cumbaa - 1:46  
8.   Daniel O’Connell and His Steam Engine - 4:23
9.   Jim Mead the Cooper - 2:59
10. The Hen That Became a Hare (Paddy Graber) - 3:16
11. The Ballad of Moll Magee (W. B. Yeats) - 6:48
12. The Craig Above Kilmara - 5:45
13. The Trip Over the Mountain - 3:28
14. The Battle of the Drink - 5:52
15. The Old Lady of Skin and Bones - 4:29
16. Donald Og - 4:32
17. Carrighfergus - 2:22
18. The Parting Glass - 3:02

Total Time: 73:38

“Paddy Graber is a Canadian National Treasure. What counts is the love and respect for the songs and their histories presented by the expert who has essentially been there, done that. Anyone who is Irish, part Irish, wished they were Irish or just likes to hear and know more about Irish songs and history is strongly advised to get this CD” 
Faith Petric, San Francisco Folk Music Club

"This is a striking CD – part documentary, part entertainment – featuring only the voice of the storyteller and traditional singer Paddy Graber. Producer Stewart Hendrickson has done a splendid job of arranging Graber’s incredible store of tales and songs, so that listening to the whole CD is a seamless experience: like listening in the most intimate club, or at a friend’s fireside." Mary DesRosiers, SingOut! Vol. 48 #3, Fall 2004

“It’s a great pleasure to hear the CD which includes some of my favorites and some new treats too. Stewart Hendrickson is to be congratulated on recording this material so well; the disc offers ‘a sample’, and I trust more is on tape to be issued. Paddy Graber’s repertoire has been astonishingly diverse and eclectic, with little (or large) variations from standard versions, besides sometimes being apparently unique; and the songs he has himself composed are ofttimes delightful – as witness his contribution to Easter mythology, ‘The Hen that became a Hare’.”
Murray Shoolbraid, Editor, Journal of the British Columbia Folklore Society
B.C. Folklore, No. 19, 2004

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