ASHES ON THE SEA — Utah Phillips
A song in remembrance of Woody Guthrie. He was cremated and his ashes scattered on the sea off Coney Island. Tune similar to Lorena. Recorded by Rosalie Sorrels. Introduction by Utah Phillips and sung by Kendal Morse. SheetMusic

What is this song I hear repeating                         / G / G / C / C /
Sprung from the careless seeds you’ve sown    / D7 / D7 / G / G /
Our songs will come and go like seasons           /G / G / C / Am /
To bloom and fade all on their own.                  / D7 / D7 / G / G /
     And now I know I cannot find you              / D7 / D7 / G / G /
     You’re gone from all but memories            / C / C /D7 / D7 /
     And I am told that one who loves you       / G / G / C / Am /
     Has strewn your ashes on the sea              / D7 / D7 / G / G / 
I stepped outside for just a moment
To turn and look on my own face
What is that shadow just behind me
Why it’s the old one I reach out to embrace
It’s one thing to look upon a picture
It’s another thing to read the pages through
Or perhaps to linger by the wayside
Hoping I might find a trace of you
Your dust clouds still blow across your footprints
Your best friend still stands there all alone
Your box cars still keep the lovers parted
Your little boys still run away from home