MISS BAILEY'S GHOST - London broadside, 1804. Recording

A captain bold from Halifax who dwelt in country quarters      D  A7
Seduc'd a girl, who hang'd herself one Monday in her garters,  D  A7
His wicked conscience smited him, he lost his stomach daily,  D  G
He took to drinking ra-ta-fia and thought upon Miss Bailey,     A7  D

O, Miss Bailey, unfortunate Miss Bailey,      D  A7  G  D
O, Miss Bailey, unfortunate Miss Bailey.      G  D  A7  A7G

One night betimes he went to bed, for he had caught a fever,
Said he, "I am a handsome man, and I'm a gay deceiver."
His candle just at twelve o'clock began to burn quite paley,
A ghost stepped up to his bedside and said: "Behold Miss Bailey!"

"Avast, Miss Bailey," then he cried, "your face looks white and mealy"
"Dear Captain Smith," the ghost replied, "you've used me ungenteelly.
The coroner was hard on me because I acted frailly,
And Parson Biggs won't bury me though I'm a dead Miss Bailey."

"Miss Bailey, then, since you and I accounts must once for all close,
You'll find a five pound note there in my regimental small clothes.
T-will bribe the sexton for your grave," The ghost then vanished gaily,
Crying "Bless you wicked Captain Smith, remember poor Miss Bailey."

Next morn' his man rapped on the door, his voice shook with emotion,
"Just how you're going to dress today I really have no notion.
Miss Bailey has your five pound note, the sum of all your riches,
And now she's vanished down the street inside your leather breeches!"