THE OYSTER GIRL- Trad. broadside, Recording

As I was a-walking down a London street,
A pretty little oyster girl I chanced for to meet,
I lifted up her skirt and boldly I did peep,
Just to see if she'd got any oysters.

"O oysters, O oysters, O oysters" said she,
"They are the finest oysters that ever you did see.
I sell them three a penny, but it's five I'll give to thee
If you bargain for my basket of oysters."

"O landlord, O landlord, O landlord" said I,
"Have you got a little room for the oyster girl and me,
Where we may sit down and merry, merry be
While we bargain for our basket of oysters?"

We hadn't been upstairs for a half an hour or more
When that pretty little oyster girl she opened the door,
She picked up my purse and down the stairs she tore
While she left me with her basket full of oysters.

"O landlord, O landlord, O landlord" I cried.
"Did you see the little oyster girl a-drinking by my side?
She picked all my pockets!" But the landlord he replied,
"Now, you shouldn't be so fond of your oysters!"

Now all you brisk young lads be advised by me,
If you meet a little oyster girl and you would merry be,
Be sure you lock the door and take away the key,
Or she'll leave you with her basket full of oysters.