RAMBLE AWAY -- Trad. Broadside. Recording

As I was a-going to Birmingham fair,
With my scarlet coat and everything rare,
Enough to entice girls buxom and gay
Who are willing to go with young Ramble Away, Ramble Away.

When first I set my foot at the fair
I saw pretty Nancy a-combing her hair.
I gave her a wink. She rolled her black eye.
Thinks I to myself, "I'll be there bye and bye."

As I was a-walking one night in the dark,
I took pretty Nancy to be my sweetheart.
She smiled in my face and this she did say,
"Are you the young man they call Ramble Away?"

I said, "Pretty Nancy, don't smile in my face,
For I do not intend to stop long in this place."
So I tipped her the double to fair Lincolnshire
And I swore I would ramble, the devil know where.

When twenty-four weeks they were over and gone,
This pretty fair maid she fell sick at last.
Her gown would not meet nor her apron strings tie
And she longed for the night of young Ramble Away.

My dad and my man they are both gone from home
And when they return I will sing them a song;
I will sing them a song and leave them to say,
"No doubt you've been playing with Ramble Away."

Come all pretty fair maids whoever you be,
With those jolly lads I'd have you go free;
Hat, cap and feather you'll have to wear
And a bunch of blue ribbons to tie up your hair.