He Reproves the Curlew - by W.B. Yeats

Oh! Curlew! Cry no more in the air
Or only to the water in the west.
Because your crying brings to my mind
Passion dimmed eyes and long heavy hair,
That was shaken out over my breast.
There is enough evil in the crying of the wind.

The Curlew's Song - by Tommy Makem
video of Tommy Makem singing
Sung by Maireid Sullivan on her CD "Never Drift Apart"

I heard a Curlew crying long
On a moor where wild winds blew.
And the sound of his sad lonesome song
Made me feel lonesome too.

Cold winter came and the moorland froze
The winds blew loud and strong
And often echoed through the snows
I heard a Curlew sing.

Soft sun-warmed days of summer came
Through green-leaved days of spring
I soon forgot that lonesome song
I heard the Curlew sing


Photo: Sergey Yeliseev