Donal OgBased on a 8th century poem. A reading of the ancient Irish poem, the Lady Gregory translation. Sung by Eamon O'Leary and Jefferson Hamer. SheetMusic

If you should go across the water
Take me with you to be your partner
At fair or market you'll be well looked after
And you will sleep with the Greek king's daughter

Oh Donal Og, you'll not find me lazy,
Not like some highborn, expensive lady,
I'll do your milking I'll nurse your baby,
And if sat upon, I'll defend you bravely.

If you come calling, come when stars are peeping
Come knock on the door that makes no creaking
My mother will ask you to name your people
Tell her you're a sigh of the night wind weeping

The first kiss came and from no craven
The second came atop the stairway
The third kiss came as down you laid me
But for that night, be still a maiden

You said you'd meet me, but you were lying
Behind the sheepfold as day was dying
I whistled and called you, twelve times repeating
But all I heard was the young lambs bleating

The last time I saw you was a Sunday evening
It was at the altar that I was kneeling
It was on Christ's passion that I was thinking
But my mind was on you and my own heart bleeding

For you took what's before me and what's behind me
Took East and West when you would not mind me
Sun, moon and stars from me you've taken
And Christ likewise if I am not mistaken