Recording - sung by Bruce Guthro, fiddle by Natalie McMaster on her CD "No Boundaries"

opening instrumental (1)
O my name is William MacDonnell, I have come across the sea
I am no handsome man of wealth, nor do I plan to be.
But I’ve a treasure fit for kings, and beggars all the same
She comes with me where'er I go, sometimes she calls my name.

My father worked his life away, diggin’ for the coal
To the central lowlands every day, with shovel he would go
And he left for me the only thing, he felt he had twas fine
It's my pride and joy, it’s yours now boy, read the note he left behind.

Chorus: No apple falls far from a tree, now I pass this fiddle down to thee
Hold it near your heart and soul, let your passions guide your bow
And when the music sweet does play, then know I’ll be not far away
Though my body lies down with the coal, my spirit lies for you to hold
Fiddle and bow
instrumental (1)

So with fiddle strapped upon my back I set out to see new lands
I have lived a wild and rovin’ life, played to meek and grand
And to all I played with all I had, I could not help believe
When I’d draw the bow across the strings, this is how I’d set him free
instrumental (2)

closing instrumental (3)