Go and Leave Me (Once I Loved) - Traditional, probably American from late 19th century but popular in England and Ireland. Similar to "Columbus Stockade Blues." Sung by Judy Dinning. See Mudcat discussion. Different versions: Go and Leave Me, Once I Loved, Dear Companion. My own version

Now once I loved with fond affection
One whose heart was dear to me
Till there came such a dreary parting
Now she no longer speaks to me

Chorus: So go and leave me if you wish to
Never let me cross your mind
If you think I’ve been unworthy
Go and leave me I don't mind

Many's the night in peaceful slumber
You have laid in sweet repose
While I lay broken-hearted
Listening to the wind that blows


Here is the ring that once you gave me
When our lips they were entwined
Go and give it to another
Never know it once was mine