A version of “Nancy Whiskey” sung by Niamh Parsons.
Sung by Niamh Parsons
Sung by Stewart Hendrickson

For three long quarters I have been weaving
And for my wages I was penned down.
As for to buy a new suit of clothing,
I made my way on to Long Cookstown.
As I walked up through Long Cookstown,
Oh Nancy whiskey I chanced to smell.
Says I to myself ‘I’ll come and taste you,’
These three long quarters I've loved you well.

I entered into an alehouse tavern
I asked their pardon for making free
But Nancy met me at every corner,
‘You're heartily welcome, young man,’ says she.
But when I woke up all in the morning,
I found myself in a strange bed,
I strove to rise but I was not able,
For Nancy whiskey ran in my head.

I then called on to the landlady,
To see what reckoning I’d have to pay,
‘There’s fifteen shillings for ale and brandy
And after that you may go or stay.’
I put my hand into my pocket,
That was the money I did pay down.
And looking back into my small purse,
Now all remained was one bare half-crown.

I put my head out of the window
A charming lassie I chanced to spy,
With her I spent my two and two pence,
Now all remained was the fourpenny boy.
So I’ll go home and I’ll join my weaving,
My little shuttle I’ll steer a while,
And I will earn more pocket money,
For Nancy whiskey did me beguile.