PULL FOR THE SHOREPhilip Paul Bliss (1875)
Recorded by Tom Brad & Alice: "Been There Still"
video (Tom Brad & Alice)

Light in the darkness sailor day is at hand
See o'er the foaming billows fair heaven's land
Drear was the voyage sailor now almost o'er
Safe within the lifeboat sailor pull for the shore

Pull for the shore sailor pull for the shore
Heed not the rolling waves but bend to the oar
Trust in the lifeboat sailor cling to self no more
Leave the poor old stranded wreck and pull for the shore

Trust in the lifeboat sailor all else will fail
Stronger the surges dash and fiercer the gale
Heed not the stormy winds though loudly they roar
Watch the bright and morning star and pull for the shore

Bright gleams the morning sailor uplift the eye
Clouds and darkness disappearing glory is nigh
Safe in the lifeboat sailor sing forever more
Glory glory hallelujah pull for the shore

Note: "This seemed to set the theme for his gospel songs, which were generally not very specific about religion. "Pull for the Shore," one of his other most popular songs, is even more "non-denominational." Bliss in 1874 joined with Ira Sankey to edit the famous book Gospel Songs. He died in a train wreck in 1878 in Ohio, reportedly trying to save his wife from the fire. This particular song was published in 1873/1874."