Stand in That RiverMoira Smiley (2003)
tune based on The Old Settler. sung by Moira Smiley & VOCO

Come and stand in that river                 / C / C / C / F /
Current gentle and slow                       / C / C / Am / G7 /
Send your troubles down water           / C / C / C / F /   
Down on that water flow                     / C / F / C / C /

When you stand in that river
Angels sing in your head
Secrets beyond every worry
Dreams beyond every dread

Tell me sister, brother,
Where does that river flow?
It flows down to that great water
Where soon my people will go.

Oh, time passes                                                 / F / F / C / C /
Passes on down the stream                          / G / G / C / C /
Some days are so much sweeter                 / F / F / Am / Am /
Some days some pass like the dark dream / G / G / C / C /  

moira smiley & VOCO is a visionary blend of voices - redefining harmony singing with the power & physicality of folksong, the avant-garde fearlessness of Béla Bartók and delicious, vaudevillian accompaniment of cello, banjo, ukelele, accordion and body percussion. Moira Smiley's award-winning original music and spell-binding American and East European folksong light up the stage with rompin’ stompin' body percussion and warm wit. Named #1 a cappella group in the U.S. in 2007, moira smiley & VOCO is the energy of street singing and the elegance of a string quartet. Expect magnificent, hair-raising performances – music that mourns and dances at the same time. Called "fascinating and multi-lingual" by the LA Times, "Persuasive, near perfect musicians" by the Herald Times, “gritty and ethereal, banjo to Bartók” by the Village Voice. Watch Videos