Little Black Train - traditional. Sung by the Carter Family, by Jeff Warner, and by Stewart Hendrickson. Mudcat Discussion. SheetMusic(pdf)

     There’s a little black train a-coming, get all your business right,
     Better set your house in order, for the train may come tonight.

We see that ballroom lady all dressed in earthly pride,
Well, death’s dark train is coming and she must surely ride.
We see that train with engine and one small baggage car,
Her wicked deeds and her idle thoughts will meet at the judgement bar.

God sent to Hezekiah a message from on high,
Better get your house in order for you must surely die.
He turned to the wall a-weeping--we see him here in tears,
He got his business fixed all right, God spared him fifteen years.

A poor young man in darkness cared not for the gospel light,
When suddenly that whistle blew from the little black train in sight,
Oh death will you not spare me? I see my wicked ways,
I pray the Lord have mercy, come and set me free,
But death had fixed his shackles upon his soul so tight,
That before he got his business fixed, the train pulled in that night.

A rich old man in his mansion sits, I have no future fears,
My barns are overflowing, I’ll live for many long years,
I sure got plenty of money, and none but myself to please,
I’ve filled my barns and larder, I expect to take my ease.
But as he sat there planning, his God in all his might
Said, you rich old fool to the judgment come, your soul must be there tonight.