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Blue Rose - Scandinavian Folk Music. This site is for musicians who play Scandinavian folk music: the largely traditional music of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark.
Ceolas. The home of celtic music on the internet, since 1994. Ceolas houses the largest online collection of information on celtic music, and has links to hundreds of related sites.
The Traditional Tune Archive is a World Wide Web information storing and retrieval tool dedicated to instrumental music of the past 300 years traditionally used for dancing in Ireland, Great Britain, and North America.

English and French Folk Music An online manuscript. "Over the past few years, I have collected many tunes, mostly English and French, from a number of wonderful players. This website is a constantly evolving 21st century manuscript in the spirit of the great tune books of the past. "
ABC Notation.
The text-based music notation system and the de facto standard for folk and traditional music, the tune search gives you access to thousands of folk & traditional tunes from across the web (currently around 570,000 tunes in 280,000 files.)
The Session.
The Session is a community website dedicated to Irish traditional music. You can find tunes to play, find sessions to play them in, and join in discussions about the music. You can also find events (like concerts and festivals), or explore the track listings of recordings.
Folkets Hus Spillefolk. Collection of Scandinavian dance music. This collection consists of 2581 pieces music notation and 50 dance descriptions of mostly Danish dance and fiddle music.


Angeline The Baker   [midi]
Barham Down (3/2 hornpipe)  [midi]
Blackbird  [midi]
Blue Reel  [midi]
Boneparte's Retreat  [midi]
Boneparte Crossing the Alps
Catharsis   [
Chief O'Neill's Favorite   [midi]
Coleman's March  [midi]
Dearest and Fairest   [midi]
Debbie's Reel  [midi]
Dick's Maggot (3/2 hornpipe)  [midi]
Donnie Nolan's   [midi]
Fisherman's Island     [midi]
Foggy Dew   [midi]
Forth Bridge   [midi]
Francie Welsh's Barndance   [midi]
Galope De Baie St-Paul [midi]
Galtee Hunt   [midi]
Grand Chien   [midi]
John Lover's Gone   [midi]
Johnny and Dorothy Livingston   [midi]
Journey (Shetland)   [midi]
Kitty's Wedding   [midi]
La Belle Catherine   [midi]
MacPherson's Rant   [midi]
Meriweather   [midi]
Morning Thrush    [midi]
Mountains of Pomeroy   [midi]
Mrs Saggs   [midi]
Munster Grass   [midi]
Music In The Glen   [midi]
Ninety-Eight March   [midi]
Ninety-Nine March   [midi]
Over the Moor to Maggie    [midi]
Over the Straits of Juan de Fuca  [midi]
Petronella [midi]
Piper in the Meadow Straying   [midi]
Planxty Joe Burke   [midi]
Reel des Esquimaux   [midi]
Rossinver Braes    [midi]
Sally In The Garden  [midi]
Sargeant Early's Dream  [midi]
Seneca Square Dance   [midi]
Shetland Fiddler   [midi]
Shove The Pig's Foot Further Into The Fire  [midi]
Skraplandschottis  [midi]
Smith's Reel  [midi]
Stage Hornpipe   [midi]
Tom O'Conners Hornpipe   [midi]
Vanha Haamarssi   [midi]
Whiskey Before Breakfast   [midi]
Willafjord   [midi]
William Durette's Clog   [midi]


Blackberry Quadrille [midi]
Caherlistrane Jig   [midi]
Charming Lovely Nancy  [midi]
Crabs In The Skillet  [midi]
Haste To The Wedding   [midi]
Island Of Mull   [midi]
King and the Miller 
Kilfenora (Paddy Returns)   [midi]
Kilfenora (Patsy McCann's)   [mid]
Korolenko [midi]
Lark On The Strand (Primrose Glen)   [midi]
Legacy   [midi]
Little Burnt Potato [midi]
Maid of Selma   [midi]
Moon and Seven Stars   [midi]
Murray River Jig   [midi]
Night Before Larry Was Stretched    [midi]
O'Sullivan's March   [midi]
Outward Bound    [midi]
Portland Fancy   [midi]
Robbie Burns' Day   [midi]
Rocking Chair Jig   [midi]
Seanamhac Tube Station   [midi]
She Hasn't The Thing She Thought She Had  [midi]
Silver Hand   [midi]
Snowy Path   [midi]
Sport  [midi]
Smash The Windows [midi]
The Tempest  [midi]
Three Sea Captains  [midi]
Wee Rabbit   [midi]


Barren Rocks of Aden   [midi]
Knocknaboul Polka #1  [midi]
Knocknaboul Polka #2  [midi]
Lisheen Polka   [abc   midi]
Mocassin Shuffle    [midi]
Salmon Tails Up The Water   [midi]


Bjorko polska   [midi]
Eklunda Polska #3   [midi]
Felgubben (Polska)   [midi]
Flypolska   [midi]
Lonely Sparrow (Orpolasten)   (midi)
Slangpolska fran Ostra Ryd
Slangpolska fran Smaland   [midi
Traditional Finnish Polska (Antti Jarvela)     [midi]


Astrid Valse   [midi]
Astryd's Waltz (Shetland)   [midi]
Atlantic Waltz   [midi]
Bonnie Tyneside   [midi]
Bonny at Morn   [midi]
Catalina Waltz [midi]
Chez Seychelles [midi]
Crested Hens   [midi]
David's Waltz (Shetland)   [midi]
East Texas Waltz   [midi]
Emman Haavalssi   [midi]
Estonian Waltz  [midi]
Farquhaar & Hettie's Waltz   [midi]
Grandpa Kinsella'a Waltz   [midi]
Her Mantle So Green   [ midi]
Hill of Lochiel  [midi]
Hőkpers Vals  [midi]
I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers  [midi]
Josefin's Dopvals   [midi]
Jota da Maia   [midi]
Kaiser Waltz  [ midi]
Kentucky Waltz   [midi]
Leaving Friday Harbor   [midi]
Lighthouse Keeper's     [midi]
Lochaber No More   [midi]
Louis Waltz    [midi]
Lullaby for Rory   [midi]
Lullaby of Mufte   [midi]
Maeve's Dance [midi]
Magnus Hendrichson (Shetland) [midi]
Metsakukkia   [midi]
Midnight on the Water   [midi]
Miss Rowan Davies Waltz [midi]
Mornings at Bonny Doon  [midi]
Mudgee Waltz   [midi]
Orange in Bloom (Sherbourne Waltz)   [midi]
Out the Gap [midi]
Pilvi and Esko's Brudvals   [midi]
River John Sunset Waltz   [midi]
Rosbif Waltz  [midi]
Seamus O'Brien Waltz   [midi
Starry Night in Shetland   [midi
Talviyon Valssi      [midi]
Teelin Bay Waltz   [midi]
Tjonneblomen  [midi]
Valse du Chef de Gare (Station Keeper's Waltz)   [midi]
Waiting For Emilie  [midi]
Wals voor Pelle  [midi]
Will You Come With Me Over the Mountain  [midi]


Irish   [midi]
L'Inconnu de Limoise [midi]
Michael's Mazurka  [midi]
Pernod      [midi]
Sonny's   [midi]


Costumi Siciliane [midi]
Crooked Step  [midi]
Da Auld Swaara Jupie  [midi]
Dearest And Fairest (Beau's Retreat)  [midi]
Kemp's Jig  [midi]
Min Levnads Afton (ganglat) [midi]
Nordic Medley (Varmlandsvisan/ Mandom, mod och morska man/ Uti Var Hage) [midi]
Papirossen     [midi]
Pig Ankle Rag   [midi]
Road To Barga/Seanamhac Tube Station   [midi]
Viitaniemi Mix     [midi]
Wirtshaus-Zwiefacher     [midi]

The mp3 files are my own intrepretations of these
tunes, not by any means the definitive versions.
Develop your own interpretations of these tunes.

Introduction to Slow Airs
Samples of Slow Airs and Songs sung amd played by Stewart Hendrickson

A Stoir Mo Chroi    [mp3]
An Bauchaill Caol Dubh     [mp3]
Archibald McDonald  [ midi]
Bunnan Bui    [mp3]
Caoineadh Ui Dhonail   [mp3]
Captaine O'Kane     [midi]
Clergyman's Lamentation  [midi]
Coolin    [mp3]
Crossing to Ireland     [midi]
Da Auld Resting Chair     [midi]
Da Slockit Light     [midi]
Easter Snow
Geaftai Bhaile Bui    [mp3]
Hector the Hero     [midi]
Heroes of Longhope    [midi]
Last Lord of Beara    [mp3]
Limerick Lamentation   [mp3]
Maire Bhan Og   [midi]
Mist-Covered Mountains of Home   [midi]
Ned of the Hill    [mp3]
Niel Gow's Lament for James Moray of Abercairney [midi]
Orkney    [midi]
Planxty O'Rourke   [midi]
Roisin Dubh   [mp3]
Sad Is My Fate   [midi]
Sarah's Song   [midi]
Setting Sun   [midi]
Shakin's o' the Pokey [midi]
Sliabh na mBan    [mp3]
Ur-Chnoc Chein Mhic Cainte   [midi]
Warrior's Lament   [midi]
Women of Ireland    [mp3]
Wounded Hussar   [mp3]